Mildronate: Innovative Medication to Treat Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome appears in patients with chronic alcoholism when they decide to stop drinking or decrease the consumption of alcohol. The symptoms of the condition may begin within a few hours after the last alcohol intake and aggravate during a considerable period of time. The main complications of this health issue include seizures, convulsions, anxiety, irritations, shakiness and delirium tremens. Among more severe reactions are rapid heartbeat, uneven heart rate, fever, confusion, chest pain and others.

Since alcohol withdrawal syndrome is fast to grow worse, it is inevitable to seek medical assistance right after the first symptoms noticed.

alcohol withdrawal syndrome treatment

Mildronate as a Revolutionary Solution for Withdrawal Syndrome

The contemporary pharmaceutical market is filled with diverse medications to ease the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, though none of them cannot produce such a powerful effect as that of Mildronate. The active ingredients of the medication produce a drastic impact on the blood flow to the brain, central nervous system and other inevitable body processes. The treatment course helps a patient to control anxiety, confusion and shakiness associated with withdrawal. Additionally, Mildronate can balance the heart rate, blood pressure and other heart complications, especially in people with diverse health problems.

Producing a desirable effect on the central nervous and cardiovascular systems, Mildronate reduces or fully eliminates related functional disorders in patients, experiencing withdrawal syndrome in case of chronic alcoholism.

Recommendations for Mildronate Intake with Withdrawal Syndrome in Case of Chronic Alcoholism

Mildronate treatment course will definitely depend on the severity of the condition and complications caused by it, though the general medication plan presupposes 500 mg of the drug (1 pill) four times daily. The average duration of the course varies from 7 to 10 days.