Basic Information on Mildronate Doses and Interactions

Interested in Mildronate? How does it work? It dilates blood vessels and increases the blood flow, thus, improving mental and physical endurance, brain function and exercise capacity.

How to Use It

Mildronate must be taken orally according to the directions of your doctor and its intended purposes:

  • When treating physical and intellectual stress, adult patients need to take 1 g each day, but be sure to divide this dose into 500 mg. The length of this treatment shouldn’t be longer than 2 weeks.
  • For athletes, you need to take 500 mg or 1 g of Mildronate twice a day and before your regular trainings (the duration of this treatment is the same).
  • If you have cardiovascular ailments, this medication can be included as a part of your combined therapy, and it’s advisable to take 1-2 pills a day. You can take either the whole dose or divide it into two intakes, and the length of your treatment is about one month.
  • To treat problems with peripheral arteries, take 500 mg of Mildronate twice a day.
  • If you have abstinent syndrome, take 500 mg a few times a day, and if you need to treat disturbed cerebral circulation, take the same dose only once a day.

Keep in mind that your maximal dosage is 2 g.

It’s possible to combine Mildronate with anticoagulants, bronchial spasmolytics, antianginal agents, diuretics and antiarrhythmic meds. However, it may increase the action of hypotensive agents and coronary vasodilating drugs.

When it comes to its overdose, there is no information about such cases, because Mildronate is low-toxic.